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We believe that we’re just one project away from revealing the causes of lupus and its cure. But it’s a major project, with a major cost.

We need your help.

As of September, 2012, we must raise $500,000 (beyond the grants we receive) to fulfill our mission. Please be a part of this groundbreaking research effort. Donations of any size will help! As a donor and Friend of the Wabl Lab, you’ll receive periodic updates on our efforts and results.

Donate now.

We know it’s tough to give in challenging economic times. The questions and answers below may help your decision-making. If you’d like to speak with us directly about donating, please call us at (415) 476-6036.


Q. How much funding do you receive now?
A. $400,000 per year.

Q. What is your normal annual funding spent on?
A. It’s used for basic lab expenses, such as supplies, utilities, rent and salaries.

Q. What will the goal amount of $500,000 cover?
A. It will pay the salaries of 2 scientists over 3 years. They’ll be hired to help us determine whether or not retroelements actually trigger lupus. So, they’ll recruit lupus patients, isolate lymphocytes from them and analyze the expression of retroelements.

Q. Can you share more details about the lupus research and trial to be done?
A. Of course. First, we’ll sequence the genes expressed by the white blood cells of lupus patients and healthy individuals. Then, we’ll compare millions of sequences and record the differences—paying special attention to retroelements. (Because retroelements are repeated millions of times in our genome, other studies usually filter out their contribution. In this study, the focus will be on them.)

Q. Will the money I donate be used strictly for this lupus research?
A. Yes, your donation will support this specific study.

Q. How are you different from others who research lupus?
A. Current research focuses on the differences in cell population, cell functions and biochemical pathways within cells between lupus patients and healthy people.  At the Wabl lab, we focus on the events that trigger the disease.

Q. Are you a tax-exempt organization? Will my donation be tax-deductible?
A. Yes, your donation is tax-deductible.

Q. Where is your lab located?
A. The Wabl Lab is located on Parnassus Avenue on the University of California, San Francisco campus. You can confirm our location details and ongoing operation by calling Larisa Kure, Department Manager of the UCSF Microbiology and Immunology Office at (415) 476-8199 or by emailing her at

Q. Can I visit the lab if I make a donation?
A. Absolutely. You’re always welcome. All we ask is that you schedule an appointment first by calling (415) 476-6036.

Q. Who can I call if I have additional questions about your research or donating?
A. Please contact Matthias Wabl at (415) 476-6036 or by email at with any questions you may have about past and future research, lab results and funding specifics.

Contact us for more information.