About the Wabl Lab

History & Mission

Over 30 years ago, Dr. Matthias Wabl launched the Wabl Lab to study the basic science of antibody production and auto-immune diseases. Among other achievements, we were the first lab to demonstrate that lymphocytes—the white blood cells that produce antibodies—can be converted to other cell types.

In 2007, we narrowed our focus to lupus. Why? Our expertise in immunology and antibody research equipped us for our ultimate mission—revealing the causes and cure for this challenging disease.

Today, we’re intent on proving that virus-like (non-contagious) structures in our DNA, altered by mutations, are responsible for lupus in humans. From there, the cure is within reach.

We also believe that our extensive research results may contribute to the knowledge and treatment of other autoimmune diseases afflicting millions worldwide.


Published in the scientific journal, Retrovirology, our 11/8/11 paper “Prevention of Inflammation by Anti-Retroviral Drugs” explained that mice with spontaneously-occurring lupus-like disease can be cured with FDA-approved anti-retroviral drugs. Can these drugs be used to treat people successfully, as well? We’re confident that our current research, in conjunction with Dr. Lindsey Criswell, Chief of Rheumatology at UCSF, will tell.


The Wabl Lab has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 1986, the Max-Planck Society, Hoffman-La Roche, The Arthritis Foundation, the Lupus Research Institute and the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation, the Leukemia Research Foundation and Merck.

A Passion For Science

Science is the only meritocratic and sustained communal activity of humankind that makes actual, measurable progress. As scientists, we thrive in the intellectually exciting, fertile environment of purposeful research, incremental success and life-altering discoveries. For us, every day holds thrilling possibilities.

In addition, our lab has a special camaraderie that contributes to our success as a whole and to the immense satisfaction from work that we enjoy as individuals. We’d like to share that spirit with you, whether you’re interested in joining our team or supporting our efforts with a donation.

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