How inflammation leads to multiple myeloma

In mice, mineral oil causes inflammation, which leads to a lupus-like condition and to the formation of plasma cell tumors. It has long been known that chromosomal translocations (breakage of two chromosomes and rejoining the wrong ends between them) drive tumor formation and progression. But clearly, this is not enough for full-blown tumors, and it raises the question: What do inflammatory tissues provide to promote further mutagenesis? We have shown that endogenous retroviruses and retrovirus-like particles mutate DNA in such a way as to activate cancer genes.

From the peer review of the paper:

“This is a well written paper that progresses our understanding of the transforming events that may be associated with inflammation-induced cancer. Experiments described in this manuscript will fuel further investigations to determine whether human cancers associated with chronic inflammation can be associated with reactivation, replication and mobilization of endogenous retroelements, thereby possibly contributing to tumor initiation maintenance and/or progression.”

Read the paper: